DATTABOT & HARA TOKEN, Jakarta, Indonesia

Human Capital Manager

  • Manage the recruitment and selection process
  • Support current and future business needs through the development, engagement, motivation and preservation of human capital
  • Develop and implement HR strategies and initiatives aligned with the overall business strategy
  • Bridge management and employee relations by addressing demands, grievances or other issues
  • Monitor overall HR strategies, systems, tactics and procedures across the organization then give recommendation to management for improvement
  • Nurture a positive working environment
  • Oversee and manage a performance appraisal system that drives high performance
  • Maintain pay plan and benefits program
  • Assess training needs to apply and monitor training programs


Assistant Learning & Development Manager – Human Capital Development

MidPlaza Holding is the biggest company that focus on commercial properties, residential properties, hospitality properties, information and technology and others kinds of business. Some of the business unit of MidPlaza Holding are Ayana Resort & Spa, Rimba Jimbaran Bali, Intercontinental Jakarta MidPlaza, The Plaza Residences, MidPlaza Office Building, Biznet, Biznet Technovillage, Riverside Golf, Veritrans, QEON, Delonix Hotel and Others Business.

Assistant Learning & Development Manager
1. Provide consultation, identify and analyze employee development opportunities in the entire Strategic Business Unit MidPlaza Holding
2. Create and develop modules based on SBU needs to increase the capacity of employees and support the sustainability growth of MidPlaza Holding
3. Develop and understand the methodology and training materials in MidPlaza Holding
4. Facilitate high-quality training for employees in the entire Strategic Business Unit MidPlaza Holding
5. Conduct follow-up on training that has been conducted to measure the effectiveness of training
6. Being a partner, facilitator, coach, mentor to help employees development and support the achievement of the target company
7. Lead Human Capital Development Project (Leader Assessment, SOP & HR Development Program 2015 for all HR Strategic Unit Business under MidPlaza Holding)
8. Pre-Opening Team Delonix Golf Wing Hotel Karawang; Create Training System, Lead New Employee Orientation, Delonix Day and Delonix Opening Party and Delonix Soft Launching)

HR Compliance & Compensation Benefit Consultant

1. Assist HR Compliance Manager on Organizational Development Program (Role & Responsibility Mapping, Company Regulation Review, Infrastructure Mapping, SOP HR Mapping & Review)
2. Being partner for HR SBU MidPlaza Holding to develop Company Regulation, SOP HR Development.
3. Conduct Job Evaluation if needed for all SBU MidPlaza Holding

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Gerakan Tunas Bangsa (Tuntun Anak Bangsa Bantu Gapai Beasiswa) is movement driven by the Komunitas Berbagi (Bersama Bantu Anak Negeri) are designed for them (students) middle and high school at Kudus, Central Java and the surrounding region. This movement will lead, guide, and equip and or give a donation to assist students in developing their potential and character as a means of preparing the challenge of entering the gates of higher education (university). Hopefully, our students are guided to be more empowered, independent, having good character, manners, achievement and can reach their dreams.

As Founder and Managing Director, Here is my duties:

1. Responsible to lead, manage and run the organization, including managing volunteers and all family under Gerakan Tunas Bangsa

2. Decides, formulate and dictate the rules, policies, as well as the value of culture within the organization of Gerakan Tunas Bangsa

3. Plan and develop alternative sources of fund management organization

4. Establish strategies to support and reach Gerakan Tunas Bangsa vision and mission

5. Coordinate and supervise all activities of the organization in the areas of General Affair, Media and Public Engagement, Partnership and Sponsorship engagement and Human and Quality Development


TEACH FOR INDONESIA (INDONESIA MENGAJAR), Bengkalis, Indonesia (2012 -2014)
Facilitator Training Pengajar Muda VIII

  • Facilitate, motivate, coaching, mentoring, observe 75 Pengajar Muda to help and develops their pedagogy and leadership skill.
  • Monitoring curriculum training and coordinate with PPMD, camp manager and training officer according the training process.

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TEACH FOR INDONESIA (INDONESIA MENGAJAR), Bengkalis, Indonesia (2012 -2014)
Pengajar Muda (Education Improvement Facilitator)
(National volunteer program to promote the importance of education in remote and under-developed area of Indonesia. Teacher, One of the 52 selected among 6.845 applicants to teach in remote village)

  • Design lesson plan by translating national curriculum into creative and fun way to learn in class
    Initiate some of extracurricular activity for students such as scout, drawing, traditional dancing and theater.
  • Trainer in some of education sharing program (teacher training).
  • Coordinator Program of National Science Competition, 1.300 student participated (elimination) and 258 student participated (semifinal).
  • Guiding the students for competition, 2 students to be granted of Finalist of KCPI (Konferensi Penulis Cilik Indonesia 2013 in Jakarta).
  • Conduct Research about Motivation, Satisfaction and Commitment of Teacher in Bengkalis.

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KIMBERLY-CLARK INDONESIA, Jakarta, Indonesia (2011 -2012)
HR Assistant

  • (Handle some of project HR and HR activities. Act as HR Specialist at Cikarang Mill for 4 month).
    Coordinate recruitment process (job posting, interview, etc) and manage the job offer/on-boarding process; exceeded recruitment process by 60 days.
  • Deliver and/or coordinate K-C corporate training and development programs.
  • Develop and implement effective communications and participation programs that build employee engagement; daily and weekly meeting management, madding information, monthly meeting program.
  • Coordinate with Line Management to ensure compliance with the Global Performance Management process; exceeded form evaluation for performance appraisal.
  • Assist and coordinate with Legal Vendor (external agencies) to provide the legal document of expatriate; Expatriate documents ready on time.
  • Handle Project “Caring Day” corporate social responsibility.

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PARAMADINA UNIVERSITY, Jakarta, Indonesia (2010 – 2012)
Assistant Lecturer

  • Create the Curriculum of Teaching Method which will be used during one semester.
  • Teaching and coaching the students how to use SPSS application to support their knowledge and to analyze data of research so that they can be a good researcher.
  • Teaching and coaching the students be instructor and how to administration, scoring the instrument of Aptitude Test and Intelligence Test.

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