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“Life needs money, but life not only for money”


My beloved brothers and sisters.

That videos tell about my experiences for one year when I joined in Gerakan Indonesia Mengajar. I lived in the Sekodi village, Bengkalis Island – a village without electricity and mobile signals.

The condition was extremely different with enough facilities that I can get before during as HR Assistant for a multinational company in Jakarta. If you are wandering why I choose to leave my comfortable zone and become a teacher, don’t worry, you aren’t the only one. So, I’m here to share with you why I choose to do it.

Ladies and gentlemen, do you have experience when you’re asking someone for help and he answer with “Wani Piro?” Yap, now days, it’s common to find a person whore really money-minded. He will always measure something with amount of money. For example; Politicians want to be the leader not to dedicate to his country, but for their own-interests. An Employee uses a bad way to get a good position (and better salary).

Today, people become so selfish. If we look around, many people only focus with their own life: how to get much money. And in the same time, they become careless with their environments.

I got quote, “The most successful people among us are those who can give a positive impact to others.” And, as we know, Indonesia is identical with solidarity culture. Now, let’s we ask our self! Have we done something for the others? Have we helped our friends who need some support?

We miss the time when everyone care and share each other. As you saw in my video, in the village I met people who are kind, friendly and helpful. I met a new host family, which I never met before, but their kindness and openness to accept me as their family member really touched my heart and show me how to be a real Indonesian people. Their kindness proves that and this is Indonesia. Indonesia which has humanity and solidarity culture.

In another time, I asked my students. Does anyone have guava here? I want to eat guava. An hour later, one of them came to me and brought me a lot of guava. Once I gave him money, he refused it. “It is free Sir.” He really had such a kind heart! Hadn’t he?


From what I have experiences, now I dare to say it will be better for our life if we restore our humanity as well as our solidarity. We help other is not because of money, but because we want to help. If we don’t have money, it’s doesn’t mean we can’t help the others.

If you are students, you can help your friends who have a problem with school subject for example. If you are doctor, you can help other by helping people who sick. Or let say, you have a lot of money; you can help the others by giving donation. And there are so many other ways of course.

And for me, became a teacher in remote area was one of my way to care others. I’m really grateful because I was always surrounded by people who really care about education. I can stand here also because of their kindness. That is why, I always tell myself, I should be able to imitate them. I have to be useful person in my life.


That’s my way, how about you?